Quranic Diagnostic Rukyah

Do you have an unexplainable health problem that the doctors can’t figure out? It may be due to a sihr/jinn affliction or it may not. Come in for a Quranic diagnostic rukyah, and we can get clarification on what kind of ailment you have. Blockages in life matters can also indicate a sihr/jinn affliction. If it is determined that you have a sihr/jinn affliction, we have treatment for that. If its found to be not a shir/jinn affliction, it may be an emotional problem or a physical problem, either way we have treatment for those conditions too.

Ailments resulting from Sihr and Jinn are real and have been confirmed by Allah in the Quran and by Rasullullah (saw). These ailments can have serious consequences on the afflicted person and can disrupt their lives and negatively affect their health, work and family. The black magic spells may have been put on your food, drink, clothing or even where you walk on. Once it enters the body, it normally lodges in the lower abdomen and you may feel a tightness there. Jinn is summoned to carry out the instructions of sorcerer who put the black magic.

Some of the symptoms of a person afflicted by Sihr or Jinn include body feeling heavy and lazy most of the time, internal body feeling itchy, difficulty sleeping at night, dreams of seeing snakes and poisonous animals, dreams of falling from high places, pain in certain parts of body like arm and legs, feeling like something crawling under the skin, husband and wife arguing over trivial matters, lazy in making salat and ibadat, senile in old age, getting very angry quickly, change of emotions very quickly, feeing restless and uneasy when listening to Quran, yawning frequently when listening to Quran, inability to have intimate relations with husband or wife, long menstrual period of women, frequent nightmares, hearing voices, etc.

During the Diagnostic Rukyah, if it is determined that you indeed have a sihr/jinn affliction, then we would recommend to undergo the full treatment. This includes a Full Body HijamaHerbs session and additional items we provide to continue the treatment at your home.

The Full Body HijamaHerbs session takes a good 8 hours or more, so please allocate a whole day for this treatment. Take the rest you need before and after the session. Do not plan to go back to work after the session. Your body needs time to recuperate so give its right.

After the Full Body HijamaHerbs session, you are provided with 3 containers of Quran recited water. One to drink daily, one to bath in and one to spray in your home. This cleanses our the sihr/jinn effects from you internally, externally (outer body) and environmentally (home).

We also provide 3 packets of herbs including Senna Flush to flush out the sihr portion (magic portion) from your lower belly area, especially if you have eaten sihr.

Additionally, we provide the Sakinah flower essence to wash out the heavy emotions. This is particularly effective for feelings of anxiety and depression that usually comes along with sihr/jinn afflictions.

Also provided is a Quran recited olive oil/vinegar mixture to be rubbed on the skin. This is particularly effective for skin problems including itchiness, darkening and hardening of skin, etc.

Also provided is a recording of Quranic Rukyah recitation to be played at home every night consistently for 21 days.

Sihr/Jinn Full Treatment $1,750

Rukyah Onlyto ascertain if you have a Sihr/Jinn ailment or not. Duration 1 hour. $100

Rukyah and Quran water – provided with 3 containers of Quran waters for drinking, bathing and spraying around the house. Also provided are 3 herbal packets and Sakinah flower essence. Duration 2 hours. $250

HijamaHerbs Quranic Rukyah

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