What To Do When Medical Industry
Can’t Help Your Condition

When you have been to the doctors and they tell you that your condition is Incurable, and they can’t help you other than giving you medical drugs and surgery to only “manage the symptoms.” Don’t worry, don’t despair. Most of difficult health issues can be resolved when you include other modalities such as emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. Also important is  nutritional, herbal, sound and bodywork. Unfortunately, the conventional medical industry is focused only on the physical level. You need to turn to a holistic form of healing which incorporates the various forms of healing. You need to turn to a holistic form of healing which incorporates various healing modalities to bring about healing for you. As long as you are committed to your recovery, we will work with you towards your betterment, insha-Allah.

We specialize in working with difficult health issues that others give up on. We cover ailments ranging from physical pain, mental/ emotional and sihr/jinn afflictions. Our healing services are for men, women and children. Using the Prophetic healing methodology of Hijama and Rukyah, combined with bodywork, emotional and energetic healing, we can help overcome your health issue, insha-Allah.

Our Natural Healing Modalities:
Hijama (cupping)
Rukyah (spiritual healing)
Mental/Emotional healing
Energetic healing
Herbal remedies
Nutritional therapy
Homeopathic remedies

What is Hijama (Cupping)

Hijama/Cupping is from the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw). It involves the removal of harmful blood from just below the surface of the skin and it is recommended that it is administered by a hijama therapist. Rasullullah (saw) said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)”  ….. [Sahih al-Bukhari 5371]


Left Picture: Cups are placed on specific points along the meridians (pathways) and vacuum is created to draw dirty blood out. Middle Picture: Incisions are made and dirty blood which is dark and sticky oozes out into the cups. Right Picture: The cups containing dirty blood is removed and disposed off, then the cups are placed back on the body to withdraw more of the dirty blood until the body is cleansed.

Rasullullah (saws) said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is Hijama.” Sahih Bukhari 5371

Bukhari reports that Rasullullah (saws) said, “We use black seed (herb) regularly because it has a cure for every disease except death.”
Rasullullah (saws) said, “There is no disease that Allah created, but that He also created its Cure.”   Sahih Bukhari

Utilizing Prophetic Healing methodologies of Hijama and Rukyah
combined with emotional and energy healing,
insha-Allah we can help resolve your difficult health issues 

Energy and blood run in the body through certain pathways. When there is blockage in a part of the body, dirty blood stagnates resulting in pain. A HijamaHerbs session is designed to pull out the dirty blood, thereby releasing the pain.

                 HijamaHerbs sessions include Deep Tissue Massage (left pic) to ease tight muscles and increase blood flow, Foot Reflexology (second pic) to pinpoint location of pain, Hijama (third picture) to release toxic blood and finally Herbs (right pic) to replenish internal vital organs of the body. Together these regimens help to cleanse and revitalize your body to good health. HijamaHerbs is beneficial for men and women.



We use thermography imaging to see what is going on in your body. We then find the root cause of the health problem. We then design a treatment program to correct the imbalances and bring your body back to its natural health.

About Us: Amin Shah acquired his knowledge of Hijama from Malaysia, learning under the expert guidance of a Hijama specialist. In addition, he also completed training in shariah-based techniques to heal patients from effects of Sihr/Jinn. He is also a Master Herbalist, and he has studied emotional and energy healing modalities from various masters. All HijamaHerbs sessions for men is personally performed by Amin Shah, phone 617-787-5151 or email: aminshah@shahclan.net. HijamaHerbs sessions for women is performed by his wife, sis Nusrat. Sis Nusrat is available to perform Hijama for ladies on Fridays, Sat and Sundays.

Private Treatment: This is a private treatment. We are not affiliated with any medical agencies or employers. We cannot speak to your doctor or your employer not provide any paperwork to them. Our responsibility is only to you as our client. This treatment will not be reimbursed by your doctor or your employer.

Location: We are located in the Allston-Brighton area of Boston, MA. When the appointment is confirmed, we will provide the full address.


Our Services:

1) HijamaHerbs Basic
For people who are basically healthy and doing hijama as a preventive measure. Using 6 cups, hijama is performed on your mid-back. You receive a packet of herbs. Duration-
one hour. $120,

2) HijamaHerbs Shoulders
For people suffering from frozen shoulders, rotator cuff tear, tendon pain and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and upper shoulders. You receive 2 packets of herbs to improve circulation. Duration – 2 hours. $240

3) HijamaHerbs Arms
For people suffering from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and arm pain that limits full movement of the arms. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and along both arms. You receive 2 packets of herbs. 2 hours. $240

4) HijamaHerbs Knees
For people suffering from pain in the knees, including swelling, limited mobility, feeling of pop or giving away. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and on both knees. 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2 hours. $240

5) HijamaHerbs Head 
For people suffering from tension headaches, migraines, weak memory, brain fog, poor concentration, sinus, eye pain issues and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back, top spot on the head, back of neck and forehead. You receive 2 packets of herbs to calm your brain. Duration – 2½ hours. $300

6) HijamaHerbs Stomach 
For people suffering from  stomach cramps and digestive issues such as heartburn, acid reflex, ulcers, chronic constipation, diarrhea, and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and stomach points. You receive 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2½ hours. $300

7) HijamaHerbs Lower-Back 
For people suffering from lower-back pain which may be due to herniated or ruptureddisc, back muscle strain or degeneration of lower spinal. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and lower back. You receive 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2½ hours. $360

8) HijamaHerbs Chest/Arms 
For people suffering from pain in the heart area, and the pain is radiating to the arms. Hijama is performed on the mid-back, heart area and both arms. You receive 2 packets of herbs to strengthen heart function and relieve blockages in the arms. Duration – 3 hours. $440

9) HijamaHerbs Lower Back/Leg 
For people suffering from lower back pain with the pain shooting down to the hip and legs (sciatica). Hijama is performed on the mid back, lower back and both legs, front and back. You also receive 3 packets of herbs. 4 hours. $660

10) HijamaHerbs Full-Body
For people suffering from pain throughout the body with ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, blood sugar imbalances, blood pressure, lyme disease, lupus and cancer. Hijama is performed on the entire body, section by section, starting from the mid-back, then the head, lower back, legs, chest, arms, stomach and front side of the leg. An important component of treatment for Sihr/Jinn affliction. Recommended to be done once a year for people with any kind of serious ailments. You also receive 3 packs of herbs for your ailment.  8 hours. $1,500

11) HijamaHerbs Sihr/Jinn
Ailments resulting from Shir and Jinn are real and have been confirmed by Allah in the Quran and by Rasullullah (saw). These ailments can have serious consequences on the afflicted person and can disrupt their lives and negatively affect their health, work and family. The black magic spells may have been put on your food, drink, clothing or even where you walk on. Once it enters the body, it normally lodges in the lower abdomen and you may be feel a tightness there. Jinn is summoned to carry out the instructions of sorcerer who put the black magic. Some of the symptoms of a person afflicted by Shir or Jinn include body feeling heavy and lazy most of the time, internal body feeling itchy, difficulty sleeping at night, dreams of seeing snakes and poisonous animals, dreams of falling from high places, feeling like something crawling under the skin, husband and wife arguing over trivial matters, lazy in making salat and ibadat, getting very angry quickly, feeing restless or yawning frequently when listening to Quran, inability to have intimate relations with husband or wife, long menstrual period of women, frequent nightmares, hearing voices, etc. To break the effects of Shir or Jinn, we perform Hijama on  specific points in the body. We also do rubbing of Quran recited olive oil on the patient’s body parts of the body. The patient is also given Quran-recited-water to drink, bath and spray in  your home. We also provide 3 packets of herbs including senna herbs to flush out the Sihir elements in the body. Also provided is a Rukyah Quran CD to be played for 21 nights at bedtime. Duration 10 hours. $1,750
11a) Assessment Onlyto ascertain if you have a Sihr/Jinn ailment or not. 1 hour. $100
11b) Rukyah with Quran Water – provided with 3 containers of Quran waters for drinking, bathing and spraying around the house. Also provided are herbs and flower essence. 2 hours. $250

12) HijamaHerbs Emotional Healing
Pain and ailments actually start from the emotional/energetic level. When it is not resolved at the emotional level, then it comes down to the physical level and cause pain and ailments or diseases. Emotional trauma that is not expressed outwardly goes inwards and gets lodged in the tissues of the body causing weakness and pain. Our emotional healing session helps to identify the blocked emotions and release them, thereby restoring the body to its natural state of wellness. Emotional healing can be combined with any of the other HijamaHerbs sessions. $120 per hour

13) Recovery From Chronic Ailments
The medical industry is great when it comes to treating acute emergency cases such as injury from car accident, gun shot wounds, etc.  The doctors use medical drugs and surgery to treat acute cases, and they do a fine job of healing your acute conditions. However, when it comes to chronic cases, (which means health conditions that took some time to develop) such as diabetes, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, lower back pain, digestive issues, sciatica, cancer, the medical system is ineffective in dealing with them. As an alternative, we offer a natural healing – Recovery from Chronic Ailments program. This is a monthly treatment program designed to heal your ailment. It can range from 4 months to 12 months depending on your condition. Our Recovery from Chronic Ailments program consists of the HijamaHerbs sessions plus the MalaysianMushrooms line of supplements which has a proven track record for healing a wide range of chronic ailments for the past 20 years. In addition, we also include emotional healing and sihr/jinn treatment if your condition requires it. We will work closely with you to monitor the progress of your recovery from month to month. You only pay for the treatments performed and the cost of MalaysianMushrooms. Health coaching s provided at no extra cost.

Boston, MA – USA

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Contact: Amin Shah

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Disclaimer: We are not doctors and do not prescribe harmful pharmaceutical drugs that only manage the symptoms.  We are natural health practitioners, herbalists and emotional/energy healers who work to heal the root cause of the ailment and get you to good health again.